Why outsource to South Africa?


Developed Contact Centre Industry


Since 2003 the local industry has grown by 8% as we mature at the same pace as the rest of the world. In 2012, South Africa was acknowledged as the BPO Offshoring Destination of the Year by the NOA-UK. In 2013 the country won the EOA – Offshoring Destination of the Year award.


High Performance Service Levels of Staff


Our people are incentivised and proud to perform at their peak. Their commitment is contagious. The result? As the voice of our clients in the marketplace, our confident, tactful and knowledgeable consultants create brand-enhancing experiences that live on in the mind of your customers.


Great Travel Destination for Business


Known as one of the world’s premier travel destinations with the following accolades from the World Travel Awards: Africa’s Leading (First Class) Airline, World’s Leading Beach Destination, top three winning hotels with the World’s Leading Boutique Hotel as well as Africa’s Leading Conference Centre and Hotel.


Favourable Exchange Rate


South Africa is an internationally rated top travel destination and our favourable exchange rates add to our appeal and investment possibilities. (Up to 50% savings attainable for off-shore clients.)


Access to High Level Technology


With world-renowned technological research and quality standards, South Africa has developed a number of leading technologies, particularly in energy and fuels, steel production, deep-level mining, telecommunications and IT. Telecom costs are being reduced. A seacom fibre-optic network to Africa connects us to your customers, wherever they may be.


Government Support


The South African government has highlighted the contact centre sector as a key focus area for investment and has committed its full support to developing the industry. The South African Government provides incentives for foreign direct investments.


A Secure Decision


South Africa’s data protection laws, products and certifications are world-renowned and share similarities with those used in the UK and EU. According to the World Economic Forum, South Africa is ranked first in the world for strength of auditing and reporting standards.

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